They breed them especially bright in Auckland

7 10 2012

This morning on the Herald’s website was a story about a code of ethics for cyclists on Tamaki Drive – Cyclists soothe road fury. In the story the Herald’s hack, Joanne Carroll,  interviewed some motorists for their opinions on cyclists. Notable amongst them was one Peter Dee who said this:

“You will find people are either for them or against them and I’m against them. I’m a believer in size matters. I don’t believe they have the right to be on the road at all. I’m all for cycle lanes but I’m also for user pays. They say you have to give them 1.5m, but on Tamaki Drive that’s impossible. If they want to cycle go to a velodrome.”

Now Joanne may have had to look hard for an anti-cycling nutter, but I am assuming she just looked for a random man staggering out of a pub at 2am and interviewed whoever she came across.

Now we have lampooned anti-cyclist nutters before on this blog – such as this man:

Common to gorillas, chimpanzees and spin bowlers the sideways tongue signifies a primitive primate deep in thought.

But I’m not about to lampoon Auckland genius Peter Dee. No, not at all. In fact his suggestion that all cyclists should only ride at a velodrome has a lot of merit.

So from January 1 2013  all cars on New Zealand roads are not to be driven on New Zealand roads, but at Manfeild instead.

Manfeild, the bit of Feilding where you play brumm-brumms.

Without any cars parking, driving, or dooring cyclists on Tamaki Drive, along with every other road in New Zealand, cyclists can finally escape the confines of their velodromes and start using the road network as if they really do own the roads, rather than just being one of the types of legitimate road users.

There is really no excuse for any road user not to be looking out to the safety of every other road user, and if you think cyclists don’t belong on a road, like Peter Dee of Auckland, then really you have no business being on the road yourself.

Slow down, and if you can’t give them 1.5m clearance then bloody well wait patiently and only pass when safe.



3 responses

7 10 2012

It’s pretty small minded for anyone to be so dopey as to be that judgmental about other people, just because they choose a different mode to travel by. Wonder if the Peter Dee’s of the world still think ‘size matters’ when face to face with a truck on their side of the road ?

8 10 2012

In fact most motorists are pretty good about the 1.5m gap. I measured passing distances in Aro St and Oriental Parade, and in 78% of the passing incidents the gap was greater than 1.5m, with the average gap being 1.78m.

9 10 2012

I’ve always found 99% of drivers in Wellington to be pretty good at leaving gaps. The further north I ride though, the more impatient people are of cyclists **coughupperhuttcough**

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