A new piece of cycleway in Levin

4 11 2012

It’s been a little while since I’ve got up Levin way on my bicycle, but I was delighted to find a nice new bit of shared cycleway/footpath on Queen Street East, built to a high standard with a very rideable fine gravel surface.

It runs the length of Queen Street east of the SH57. West of the SH57 is Levin proper and 50km/hr speed zones, so that was already safe riding, but east of the highway there were no verges. So the new tracks link the town to the mountain biking tracks off Denton Road.

It crosses a few driveways of some lifestyle blocks and I understand there was opposition from some of the residents, but it’s good to see that sometimes people just want to have a whinge, and they weren’t listened to. They and their kids are going to benefit from the extra safety too.

There’s also a little bridge.

It is only a little track, only about 2km long, but this is the type of infrastructure we should be building more of. It doesn’t cost much, yet it allows kids to get to school safer, it is popular with dog walkers and other strollers, and links the town with a park (Waiopehu Scenic Reserve) and it’s MTB park. Congrats to all who made it happen. (HDC?/Rotary?)



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