A walk for deaf botanists

9 11 2012

On a train ride home I read over someone’s shoulder an article in the NZ Geographic magazine which detailed that a part of the Paekakariki Escarpment walk had been opened, so I got off my bum on another trip home and had a look.

The Paekakariki Escarpment walkway will eventually be part of Te Araroa replacing the noisy footpath along the Coast Road between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki. At the moment only the first mile or so at the northern end has been finished.

If you want to walk it start near  the SH1/Ames St intersection and walk over the railway overbridge on the western side and go down the new set of stairs and then under the road.

The track is rather overrun with weeds. It seems that every Paekakakariki garden escapee from the last 150 years has taken root and decided to multiply.

In fact it was very Day of the Triffids, and a bit like other 1950s sci-fi where the plants eat everyone:

I had hoped that the escarpment track would be built way up high, but it isn’t. The bit built so far is not that high above the road or the train tracks. So if you are hoping for a peaceful walk then you’re not going to get it. It’s all within the noise cone of the highway, which makes it unpleasant.

Presently at about a mile along there is a gate, beyond which they are still building the track.

Overall the views are quite nice, but it’s a walk really only for deaf botanists. Otherwise take your earplugs.

Enjoy your walk with the help from our sponsor




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