On dooring

8 02 2013

Cycle lanes should exist to keep cyclists safe. They should not be there just to keep cyclists ‘tamed’ on an otherwise busy street. Yet when they are built in the “door zone” then they just are not safe. The Dom Post article on dooring was written because of this report:

Otago University’s Injury Prevention Research Unit report on dooring.

In New York they found definite advantages to building the safe separated lanes, with the added benefit that the extra buffer from the road, and the extra foot and cyclist traffic boosted local businesses.


Badly designed bicycle infrastructure can have fatal consequences. I’ve a photo of the crash scene, which I am not going to post, but this happened on Cumberland St in Dunedin this year. Dunedin cyclists have been asking for years for something better on the one ways through town. Why haven’t they got it already?

And why hasn’t Johnsonville got safe cycle lanes yet either?

We need to get the message, of safe cycling infrastructure, to sink into the minds of every traffic engineer, every councillor and every politician in the country.

Look what would be possible with the political will to value cyclists’ lives over parked cars, from Hornby St, Vancouver. I particularly like the planters on bidirectional cycle lanes. Very apt for Featherston Street?




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