The Houghton Bay shortcut

24 08 2013

Today I rode my bike up Mt Albert Road and turned down Southgate Road and saw the Southern Walkway descend down the hill and thought it is a nice short cut down to Houghton Bay.  On the photo below Mt Albert Road comes in at the top left corner, and Southgate Road is the first road meeting it, and it runs due south. You can make out the path as the gap in the trees at the back of Houghton Bay School.


The track starts off at the top as asphalt.

Southern Walkway 082

But halfway down it turns into dirt and gravel. Before it ends at a gate with tyre tracks taking a little detour.

In dry weather it is still quite rideable:

Houghton Bay Path Copy

And beyond the gate to Houghton Bay Road:

Houghton Bay Path 2 Copy

It seems to me that this would be a locally useful little path to improve the surface on to encourage cycling on and to come up with a better barrier to motorised vehicles than the current gate. It is not too steep to ride up, and it is effortless on the way down.

It might be a useful and reasonably cheap improvement to cycle infrastructure for the southern suburbs. Anyone else think that they’d use it?




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