There just aren’t enough bicycle lockers in Wellington

27 08 2013

You may be familiar with the style of bike locker that is used across the Wellington rail system.

They are double ended, with a plywood divider diagonally across each block, hence what looks like 6 lockers can actually store 12 bikes. You can apply to hire one on a long term basis and here is the info of how to do it.
Bike Lockers
But what might surprise you is how very few there actually are. Most stations don’t have any. There might be another style of bike racks, but you’d be pretty brave to lock up any nice bicycles for a whole day on one of the mushroom style racks.

Bike Racks

Here’s a list of how many bike lockers there are in Wellington at each train station by line:

Crofton Downs – zero
Ngaio – zero
Awarua Street – zero
Simla Crescent – zero
Box Hill – zero
Khandallah- zero
Raroa- zero
Johnsonville- zero
Total Johnsonville Line — zero

Takapu Road- zero
Redwood- zero
Tawa- zero
Linden- zero
Kenepuru- zero
Porirua -4
Paremata- zero
Mana- zero
Plimmerton – 4
Pukerua Bay- zero
Paekakariki – 4
Paraparaumu -24
Waikanae- zero
Total Kapiti Line – 36

Otaki – 4
Levin – zero
Shannon – zero
Palmerston North – zero
Total Capital Connection (beyond Paraparaumu) – 4

Petone- 8
Western Hutt- zero
Melling – 4
Ava- zero
Woburn- zero
Waterloo -22
Epuni- zero
Naenae- zero
Wingate- zero
Taita- zero
Pomare- zero
Manor Park- zero
Silverstream- zero
Heretaunga- zero
Trentham – 4
Wallaceville – 4
Upper Hutt – 26
Total Melling and Hutt Valley Line – 68

Maymorn- zero
Featherston- zero
Woodside- zero
Matarawa- zero
Carterton- zero
Solway- zero
Renall Street- zero
Masterton- zero

Total Wairarapa Line (beyond Upper Hutt) – zero

And Wellington Station has 12.

That is a total of 120 bicycle lockers across the whole of the Wellington Region. Or there is 1 bicycle locker for every 3330 people. That’s not very many especially since for many years people (and councils) have been talking about integrated transport policies, and you think the words may have translated into some kind of action. How many years have transport planners been talking about the last mile problem?

There is a particular shortage of them at Wellington Station, where perhaps they would be the most useful to add them. A lot of people would love to keep a bike at the station, especially since there isn’t any bike share in Wellington.

There’s plenty of car parks around the station that could be given over to bike lockers or if that’s a bridge too far then there’s plenty of room on the Cake Tin concourse to have many bike lockers installed. There’s probably demand for a couple hundred lockers. 12 is definitely way too few.

Taking myself as an example I’d keep a bike (and helmet) in town and like many others I’d pay for the privilege to do so. Presently sometimes I bring my bike on the train (but it’s a hassle). Sometimes I bring my foldable kick scooter (but it’s a hassle too). Sometimes I walk on from the station (but it’s too slow), sometimes I’ll get on a bus (and that’s even slower), and sometimes I drive into town (and add to the congestion). But having a bike in town means my preferred way of getting to work would be by train and then I’d ride my bike onwards along the waterfront or down Featherston St.

And just about every station in the region would have the demand for a few more than they’ve already got.

It’s probably time for the GWRC to add many more bike lockers across the network. Really Porirua only has 4 !!!!

Post a comment if there is a station you’d use a locker at.




2 responses

27 08 2013

An update:
Wellington Station’s lockers have been replaced by a bike cage which holds 20 bikes. At the moment, 14 spaces are taken.

28 08 2013

“you’d be pretty brave to lock up any nice bicycles for a whole day” Since 2010 I’ve left my “nice bike” (well, usually the one that I use for commuting and cycle touring) in the bike rack at Rutherford House, the middle of the bus terminus, every working day. The worst that has happened is an occasional sweet wrapper dropped in the basket. While I appreciate that there are advantages in cages and lockers, in the relatively low risk NZ environment open racks are a good solution.

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