International Take a Sickie and Ride Your Bike Day

7 09 2013

Historically many cities have Ride a Bike to Work Days. Wellington has had them before (and is having another one in February I think). Washington DC too. They are generally good fun, and you might get a good breakfast, meetup with a few thousand other cyclists and still get to work on time. For the go-getters who can organise getting out of bed in time and making sure their bicycle is roadworthy for the occasion they are brilliant. But what about for us slackers? I have taken up the challenge for us all. Here is a new event, completely disorganised, without any set plans. The date is even flexible, but on October 25th this year, which in Taiwan is a public holiday, so on November 1st for them, or any other day that you don’t feel like going to work, celebrate:


Simply wake up on the morning of Friday October 25th, call in sick to work, and then have a bit of a sleep in, before getting up late, and going for a ride on your bike.

Sick days are sometimes called mental health days, and what is better for your mental health than riding your bike and getting that wind in your hair feeling?

Feel free to share to all your slacker friends.




3 responses

8 09 2013

Doesn’t this contradict the promotion of cycling as good for your health? 🙂

8 09 2013

Mr. Smith,

Sickies are taken on days when you feel perfectly fine. On days that you’re actually sick you plough on at work, because that would be otherwise wasting a sick day that can be used for better things, such as a nice bike ride.

Gee I hope my boss doesn’t read this.

8 09 2013

Of course, you could also argue that if you feel a bit off colour, there’s nothing like a bike ride to get you fit for work again…

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