Nice frequent transport map of Wellington

19 09 2013

I came across this handsome map by Brett Palmer entitled Wellington City Frequent Transport.

WellyFrequentBusComparing it to the proposed bus network coming soon it looks that the only change needed on this map is a new line to Brooklyn and Kingston.




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19 09 2013

Hi Matthew – have another look – one of the most significant changes proposed is linking the two busiest routes together – Island Bay and Karori Park – instead of the KP service going to much less busy Lyall Bay. Intuitively it would be a much more efficient service that way. there is a problem that it doesn’t fit with the PT Soine – so I am suggesting a double spine.



19 09 2013

Yeah I didn’t notice that Andy, but apart from people in Karori, I don’t think most people would care one way or the other. Maybe I’m not understanding it’s significance.

21 09 2013

Another significant change is that the 11 is proposed to be diverted via Hataitai rather than Newtown, removing through services between the Miramar peninsula and the hospital, and reducing the frequency of the 2 and 11 to every 20 mins, removing them from the “frequent” (every 15 minutes or better) category – as has already happened with the 91.

So Miramar, Seatoun, the airport and north of the railway station would all disappear from this map.

29 12 2013
Brent Palmer (@BrentJPalmer)

Shameless self-promotion: Since putting up that initial version online, I’ve modified it somewhat, incorporating the 7 despite its lesser frequency for the time being:

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