This blog will have anything and everything about promoting bicycle infrastucture from Seatoun to Foxton Beach and over the Rimutaka Rail Trail to Martinborough. Cycling is seen as a bit of a freak activity, and this is an attempt to make it more normal, safer, more fun, and more widespread. It is especially galling when dangerous bike lanes are painted on the side of a road by people at the bequest of people who’d never ride a bike. We want decent bike lanes, designed by cyclists for cyclists to make it possible to live anywhere south of Palmie or Masterton and get around the region by bike and train, and not need a car, so that we can be part of the world, instead of apart from it.

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21 01 2010
Bill Russell

Like your blog.

Just thought I would let you know about the site I have created (I’m not a coder so use Googles tools) to promote mountain bike and back coutry touring routes in the Manawatu and wider region.

I have been involved with Destination Manawatu, Rangitikei DC and Tararua DC to submit concept proposals for the National Cycleway. I’ve also submitted two other proposals on behalf of the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club, so I was pretty busy through November and December.

I am in the process of tidying up the mapping on EveryTrail, so that I can include all the submissions on my website. The three back country tours are
The Wild Rover – Wanganui to Woodville 220km.
Gorges to Sea – an expansion of the Rangitikei Cycleway to include a link from Ohakune to Taihape and then down to Utiku 285km
Tararua Elements – 270km with an origin at Woodville with loops up to Dannevirke and back to Pahiatua and also up along Hall Block Rd through the windfarms and down to Pahiatua and then south to Masterton via Mauriceville to connect with the Wairarapa wine trails and the Rimutaka incline.

The Mountain bike proposals were to gain funding to rebuild Kahuterawa Loop ionce logging is complete and to develop a DOC block near the TeApiti windfarm, which will create 16-20km of single track through native bush reserve.

On top of that I also know of a Moari Iwi who have proposed a trail from Porogahau to Akitio across a couple of coastal stations. Horowhenua also proposed a route from Shannon to Eketahuna using the existing Makahao dams road and then a new trail right over the tops of the Tararuas (900m!). Wairarapa have also proposed routes from Masterton through Gladstone and Martinborough to the Rimutaka Incline to connect with the Hutt River Trail, which Wellington Regional Council proposed along with a trail out to Eastbourne and to Wellington via the Eastbourne Ferry.

All in all an amazing amount of activity given the 8 weeks lead time to prepare submissions. Most of these submissions use existing roads to are low cost to implement. I am sceptical that while we meet most of the criteria (easy, multi-day experiences) the funding committee will not see these routes as “iconic”. The perceptions about the Rangitikei, Manawatu and Tararua areas as tourist destinations will be difficult to overcome, however we have given this our best shot.

I’d love to discuss these topics further as now the ideas are out there, there is only the barrier of money to develop and implement them. The National Cycleway fund is the most expedient way to fund them, but not the only fund available.

I am also keen on pedal electrics (and also electric motorcycles). I see pedelecs as a good way to get more people cycling and make the bicycle a more practical commuting alternative

17 08 2010
Mike Stead

Hi Matt,

Are you interested in helping change the NZ helmet law? We have a small but growing band of movers & shakers here




30 05 2011
Patrick Morgan

Hi Matt,
I’ve been following your comments about spending on cycling relative to that on roads.

Please have a look at the Traffinz submission to the Govt’s draft GPS (Policy Statement) on transport funding.

It’s an excellent summary of what needs fixing in the way we spend our transport dollars. Perhaps you might like to post an article on this?


Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss.

10 09 2011
Linley Rose

It’s a wonderful website and I’ve just discovered it. Just a small comment, as I’ve been looking at the Wairarapa pics … eg the pub in Martinborough. Would you mind checking that the apostrophes are correct, eg it should read and it has ‘its own pub’ (not it’s own, as that would mean ‘it is own’). Cheers, Linley

21 05 2013

OMG. are you pedantic or what. give the guy a break miss perfect.

28 11 2011
brian drury

Hi you gotta have a look at this mate

21 08 2013

Matt, I liked your blog on the Featherston St cycleway ideas. Yesterday I stood at the Hunter St end and visualised it working.

Are you aware that there is talk about an “Island Bay to CBD cycle route”? Cycle Aware Wgtn (Patrick Morgan) are canvassing for ideas (CAW minutes 6 August 2013).

We need your visionary approach to this route design. Island Bay, Berhampore ,and Newtown are all potential collection/feeder areas. We need tunnels, elevated bridges etc not the “twice round the golf course and up to Brooklyn library mountaineering route on backroads” the Council would deliver! I know you think straight, unimpeded, convenient cycleways.

21 08 2013

Thanks Nigel.
Yes I am aware. Adelaide Road is a hard one. Narrow and hilly. I might have to get on the treddly and explore that side of town a bit more.

11 10 2013
Ron spinningmagnets

I just stumbled across this delightful blog. I am a longtime E-bike enthusiast, and at 54 my knees are “not what they used to be”. I am also a writer for electricbike.com (based in the US) and I found this blog while researching info about NZ and E-bikes, as I will soon be writing a feature about an endless-sphere.com member from Kiwi-Land. I just wanted to say hello, and keep up the good work!

I will come back to touch base when the article is published.

18 02 2014
Donghwi, Daniel Roh

Hi there! 🙂 It is so greatful to find your blog. I am Daniel, a postgraduate architecture student at Vic. I am currently doing my thesis on desiging of cycling infrastructure in Wellington. I thought our cycling infrastructure needs to evolve not only from transport or engineering perspective but also with architecture perspective to respond to those changing demands. So I am looking how to design cycling infra-components to support bike-ability to turn cycling as a real option to get around the city.
I only just started the process but hope I learn much more from many other people and engage with who are passionate about cycling! Thanks again 🙂

3 07 2014
Stu Kilmister

Matt, the reason why the Wharemauku Stream track will not be significantly upgraded is because it is mostly in private ownership. When that is resolved I am sure it will become a priority cycleway for upgrading

15 01 2015

I’m so pleased to see that someone has written a photo journal of the OCB – or as it was called — the Otago Central Branch (which is now a rail-trail)..
However ..
It is with much amusement .. that I read of your description of a “quant” little bridge .. in Alexandra.. and to then see..?
The third and very obviously NOT a combined Road/Rail bridge .. whichj is in fact the one about four kms north of Lauder.. across the Manuherikia .. between Lauder & Auripo..
So ..?
How did you get that fact so totally wrong… as yes.. the FIRST bridge .. just within the Alexandra town boundary .. is in fact STILL IN USE as a road bridge .. for the Little Valley Road and for the new subdivision under Alexandra’s Clock-On-The-Hill .. whereas there’s no snow-ball’s chance in hell — you’d be able to “drive” any vehicle .. over that snow covered NARROW cycleway .. that is now atop the Lauder/Auripo Manuherikia bridge.!!!

However.. my old Galloway Railway Station (ladies waiting room section) looks not too bad .. considering that I saved it from the bulldozers of the Bridge Gang .. of the NZR .. back in 1978 when I purchased it .. as my own “railway” shed (for my N gauge minatutre layout .. and which stood for 28yrs on our farm .. beside the 531mm gauge railway I also built .. (along with a genuine ex-NZR pull-pull trolley that I’d bought a few years earlier..
Anyways .. good descriptive memories of the trackage that I helped maintain .. just a great pity — you got the bridge location “totally” incorrect.!!!

P.S ..Here’s a couple of the links to the picture of the building I mentioned as well as to that of the hand-trolley (and other paraphernalia) ..

Yes./. there’s also a picture of the Battletruck “movie” truck .. which was filmed at about the same time .. on another part of our farm.!!!


15 01 2015

Oops ..two pictures of the same thing .. ?
See — even I can get links wrong .. however .. when spotted I can correct them..
Here’s the “other” link .. with the hand-trolley, myself on a motor trolley & an “On-Service” FREE_PASS (vans only) service ticket .. for work related travel between Glenavy & Bluff .. etc..

19 06 2016
John Baldwin

That you find so much time to devote to cycling and cycling routes is beyond me. I belong to Kapiti Cycling Inc, a society incorporated to improving the lot of every day cyclists in Kapiti. We want to see more people on bikes travelling safely and more healthily and less congestion and pollution on our roads. If you’ve you got any ideas on how we could increase our membership so that our voice is more powerful locally and with NZTA we’d love to hear from you. John Baldwin

19 06 2016

I used to John, but you’ll see I hardly ever up date this site anymore.

Good luck with the cycling numbers. My best advice is to get more cycleways built. I am looking forward to see the new paths along the new motorway. My guess is they’ll be nicely landscaped, but too noisy to enjoy.

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