The most useful Wellington maps were available by links that are broken on the GWRC site. 😦 See if they’ve fixed it here. The following are local copies. (I don’t own the copyright, and will remove them if asked, and you can get free copies of them at all the local i-Sites.)

Wellington City and Suburbs PDF map Right click and Save Link As in Firefox.

Wellington CBD PDF Map

Lower Hutt PDF Map

Upper Hutt PDF Map

Porirua PDF Map

Kapiti PDF Map

Of the following some are links, some are pdfs, some are many megabytes

Mountain Biking in Wellington Map

Greater Wellington Regional Council GIS

Te Araroa Wellington Region map (warning large)

Google Maps centred on Wellington


Auckland cycle maps are are available here


4 responses

20 01 2012
John Gibson

Hi, regarding maps for cycling. I’ve recently posted some live cycle route map overlays on top of Google which should be visible at They are embeddable into other webpages – GIS Cloud doco discusses this under “Documentation/Sharing and Publishing/Embedding Maps into a Web Page”. The routes are part of a dedicated cycle route atlas site I have been working on, but GIS Cloud provides a quick shortcut to make some of the data available. Regards John

7 03 2012
John Gibson

Hi, I’ve now created a cycle maps site at
This is still in testing but the basics should work ok. I’d be grateful for any feedback as I get this site completed. Regards John

27 03 2012
E A Bruce

Airport and Inter-island ferry terminal are the 2 entry points into Wellington for tourists and back packers. Why aren’t they linked by a marked cycleway?

27 03 2012

Mr Bruce, I’d say because in NZ there isn’t any committment to actually have a working, safe cycle network from any level of government. Cycling is just for hippies like you and me. They only do lip service to the idea at best. Politicians actually hate us.

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