The official Road Rules for NZ cyclists are available on this page at the NZTA website and for download below

High resolution (PDF, 10 MB)
Low resolution (PDF, 1.9 MB)


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10 02 2011

Im trying to find out if it is illegal to ride a bike while drunk?

10 02 2011

Jesse, a very good question.
I believe in New Zealand it is quite legal to ride a bicycle drunk only if you’re wearing a skirt and a blindfold, except on the motorway where if you are drunk it is encouraged that you be in a motorcar like other New Zealanders. And under no circumstances should you ride a bicycle drunk if you are giving a donkey a dinkey, unless you also have a parrot on your shoulder and you should never ride a bike drunk if you are a teetotaler.
All good advice there.

12 10 2013

It used to be an offence to ride a horse in a ‘furious manner’ but I’m not sure that answers Jesse’s question. You could always try cycling drunk. It would be interesting to know if you managed to stay on two wheels long enough to get nabbed. It would a sort of like testing medicines on yourself.

28 01 2015

Careless use of a vehicle would cover your behaviour while drunk on a bike.

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